Cleansing Your Home: A Simple Blessing

It is easy to remove unwanted energy or spirit visitors from your home in most cases with a simple house blessing.

Conducting a cleansing and clearing regularly helps to keep your home and everyone in it in harmony. This is particularly good practice when you move into a new home to remove vibrations from previous occupants and to make your new home your own. Even if you have lived in a property for some time, a good  cleansing of the etheric energy of the place will work wonders. It also clears out any negative energies that may filter across form neighbours or that you may have unknowingly picked up during the day.

Similarly a second hand items can hold lingering vibrations, and by giving them a good smudge (cleansing and clearing) by burning sage or incense and passing them thought the smoke, you can remove previous energy

Tradition pagan customs involved bringing a light from a previous home to bless the hearth of your new home. In modern houses open fireplaces may be less common. However the same clearing and blessing can be performed with a candle or a tea light. If you are able to light it from a stove or fireplace, that is great, however, the blessing still works regardless.

Trust your intuition and do what feels right to you.

This technique uses the four element to bring balance and harmony in your home, therefore you will need:

  • Fire – a plain white candle
  • Air – a stick of pleasant incense or sage
  • Earth – some sea salt
  • Water – a dish of natural spring water

Step 1

Before you start it is important to ground and protect yourself. This is easily done by visualising or feeling yourself enveloped in a bubble of white and protective light, while holding the intention of being grounded and protected with Divine White Light.

(A simple technique for grounding, centering and psychic protection is also described on my blog:

Step 2

At your front door start to sprinkle the salt slowly as you walk through the house. As you do so visualise or hold the intention of the cleansing properties of the salt removing any and all unwanted energies from your home, while you say out loud something along the lines of:

“May the guardian spirits of the element earth now remove and clear all negative and unwanted energies from our home and replace them with love, prosperity, wisdom, kindness, and harmony for all who dwells and enters this place.

Leave the salt for a few hours (or overnight if possible), however, if you need to clean it up immediately then that is okay too, however you may just want to repeat the clearing more often.

There are no real rules as to what you should say during a blessing as long as it follows a similar pattern to the above. Its entirely up to you what to say and how long it should take.

Step 3

Start at the front door again walking slowly through the house swinging the incense burner or waving the incense sticks or sage as you go. Visualise the qualities of air sweeping through your home at the same say something along the lines of:

 “May the guardian spirits of the element of air bring clarity of mind, speed of thought and the understanding of the mysteries of the ancients to all who dwell within this place.”

Step 4

Light the candle and again start from the front door again and as you walk slowly through the house holding the candle in front of you, visualise the qualities of fire filling your home saying something along the lines of:

“May the guardian spirits of the element of fire bring courage, strength, energy and passion to all who dwell within this place.”

Step 5

Start at the front door again sprinkling the water as you slowly walk through the house, visualising the qualities of water entering your home. As you walk through each room say something along the lines of:

  “May the guardian spirits of the element of water bring love, peace and intuition to all who dwell Within this place.”

Once you have been through every room calling upon the spirits of each element, the energies within the house should feel more harmonious.

Step 6

Protecting your home: Once you have completed your house blessing, visualise a beam of bright white or violet light from Spirit/Divine Source forming a bubble around your home and property and/or running all around the walls, corners, windows, doorframes, loft, roof, everywhere – sealing all those wonderful energies into your home and to keep any negative energies out.

Step 7

If you want to, then send thoughts out to any friends or relatives in the spirit world that you would still like to know are around you, asking them to become regular visitors to your new home, and that they might keep a helpful and loving eye on you.  Set the intent for those in Spirit that you want to come through and those that are there to work with you for your Higher Purpose and/or to bring you necessary guidance and messages to still be able to come in.

There are many other cleansing rituals, and I often find simply smudging the house with sage is equally effective. However, conducting a decent cleansing of your home does make a positive difference and also makes it easier to maintain the energies you are comfortable with in your home while you become more comfortable and experienced in working with the energy.

If you have any questions, would like clarification, or need help with anything, please let me know.


(Sourced and Adapted from: Sourced From: Google)

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Forgiveness – The Next Step To Freeing Yourself For A Better Future

In my previous blog I talked about releasing emotional pain, and how doing this frees you up to create a happier future for yourself.

Once you have worked though the process of letting go of emotional pain, a time will come where you may feel ready to also forgive. You will know when you are ready to forgive, as this is something that has to come from you at a time that you are truly ready and willing to grant forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the last part of releasing pain. While often this seems like an insurmountable task, something that you may not be able to envisage how you would ever be able to let go and forgive, you may find that after having released your emotional pain, the forgiveness comes easier than you thought it would.

Yes, it is true that many of us might find it hard to forgive, yet it comes as a true blessing. Forgiving allows letting go of pain, as well as letting go of anger and hate. As a matter of fact, forgiving is more a benefit to you, than it is to the person or situation you are forgiving. Forgiving does not always need to take place in person, it is something that can also be done silently within your own heart.

Important to remember also is that forgiving is not about accepting a behaviour, an action, a situation, or a person. Instead it is simply letting go. It may not give you the understanding of why something happened to you, or why someone may have caused you pain. Let go of the need to understand, as the understanding  may not be your to understand.  Just allow yourself to forgive.

When you forgive you allow the pain to go away and it provides you with an opportunity to become stronger within yourself. You are the one in control of your forgiveness, no-one else.  If you think about it, you may realise that holding onto hurt and anger about a situation or a person has been a long and hard effort. It takes energy and time to be hurt, upset and angry. Time at could be spent, instead on all those thing you enjoy in life and that make you happy, so that you lead a more fulfilling life.   For instance, how much time do you spend dwelling on, pondering or discussing something bad that has happened in your life, rather than being able to freely enjoy the company of a good friend, building new happy memories while laughing and joking together. Therefore, there is no point in drawing out the process of dwelling on hurt and anger any longer – your new life starts now!

At times the memories of that person or event may still hurt. The memories will not go away, because the past can not be changed, however they will not hurt again like they once did. And once you have forgiven, then should these memories come again in the future, it will be even easier to let go of them and to move forward with your life. You are in control of making a positive change to your future by accepting your past and letting go.

There are two different ways in which you can forgive:

Firstly, you can tell someone in person that you forgive then, and then accept this person for who they are not, at that given point in time.

Secondly, you can forgive someone within your heart. To do this visualise that the person is in front of you. Tell this person how you fell. Tell them that you can’t and don’t want to understand why (because that is for this individual to work out). Even though you do not accept the act or the situation that you have forgiven them from your heart.

If you feel strong enough, you may then also want to send that person a prayer of love, light and forgiveness.

Remember forgiveness is about moving on with your own life. It is simply letting go of pain, and no longer carrying it with you in your daily life.


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Releasing Emotional Pain For A Better Future

At this time where there seems to be some many changes going on in the world, it seems quite fitting to do a piece on releasing emotional pain. Whether it be from the past or present, holding onto that which no longer serves may block our way and prevent us moving forward fully and with ease. It may cloud our vision, so that we may struggle to see the love that flows through our lives, preventing us form opening fully to ourselves and others.

We have all experienced pain at some stage in our lives. At times this may have been physical pain, such as cutting your finger with a sharp neither. Other times it may have been emotional pain, such as the loss of a loved one, the break up of a relationship. For some this may even reach as far back as their childhood, a time where one may have been less able to understand or deal with the pain at the time. Perhaps  you were raised to believe that acknowledging pain is a sign of weakness. Whatever your situation may be, now is a good time to let go off old emotions and past pain that no longer serves you and may be preventing you from moving forward.

Releasing pain does not mean that the event never happened. In a way it will always be a part of you, it is an experienced that shaped you into who you are today. However, releasing the pain frees you from the attachment to the past emotion.

For instance, just like a cut to your hand, it may bleed. It may even become infected, and as you push on it all the pent up gunk comes out. This cut may then leave a scar. A reminder of the cut, however once you have cleared out the gunk and the cut has healed, all that remains is the scar. This scar will always be part of you and who you are. It may fade, and at times may still be sensitive to touch. However, it now offers you the opportunity to be in control of your emotions whenever you touch this scar, and this is your strength. However, it is up to each and every one of us, as individuals, to take control and change this for the better.

While your past is your past and you are not able to go back and change it, your future is yours. Your future is in your control and power, therefore take charge of it and embrace it.

Technique for Releasing Emotional Pain

To start you will need flowing water. Water helps with clarity, healing and cleansing. It helps to wash away the pain. A few suggestions are:

  • A natural, flowing stream
  • A shower – it washes the pain down the drain
  • A bath – place your feet in the water, and when you are done pull the plug and visualise the pain go down the drain.

To start open up and ask your Guides to protect you and to help you to release your pain from the past and/or present.

You can keep a specific event in mind if you feel that is right for you, or you can just ask to help with releasing any pain that you may be holding onto consciously or subconsciously.

Allow yourself to feel your pain. You do not have to relive and remember all the situations and moments in time, however just allow yourself to feel whatever pain you are holding within you.

Get mad, cry, do whatever is right for you to feel this pain. Once you feel these emotions within you place your had on your abdomen. Then ask for Spirit to send healing into the core of your being.

Open your mouth and breathe into your lower abdomen. As you breathe out, breathe out from the centre of your being. Scream or cry if you want to. Feel this pain now being released.

Once you have finished ask for the Universal Love and Light to bless you, to heal you, and to replace any negative feelings with positive feelings and Divine white and loving light.

Then give thanks to your Guides and ask to be closed down.


Remember this process may take a few attempts. However, finding the time to do this is worth it in the long run.

It is important to keep in mind that you may not always have the answers as to why something happened. These answers may belong to someone or something else. You may not always be able to understand others in life. You are who you are and they are who they are, therefore do not attempt to understand someone else, because you may not have access to the core of who they are and/or their thinking processes.

Once you have released your emotional pain, it becomes easier to forgive. A technique for forgiveness will be covered in my next post.


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Opening and Closing Before Spiritual Work: Learning to work with your Master Door Guide

This week I am again inspired to focus on a particular piece, due to a friend who is discovering her own spiritual path. We were talking about the importance of healthy boundaries within spiritual work, and that it is good practice to learn the foundations of opening and closing yourself, so that you are not walking around like a psychic sieve for days on end. This also allows you to establish a better ‘working-relationship’ with your spirit guides, as they will know when you are available to ‘work’ and also have guidelines to know what energies you are willing to work with.

The main guide that will assist you with allowing or not allowing energies in is your Door Master Guide. What you call this guide is not important, it is just a label, however it is the role that this guide plays that is important.

The purpose of your Door Master guide is to protect, or look after, your ‘psychic door’. This guide is there to open and close your psychic door.

When you open to Spirit you allow your inner light to shine. This will attract other souls and energies, much like a lit candle will attract a moth. It is like a sign to Spirit that you are willing to work with them. Especially when you are still in the initial phases of learning to work with your Spiritual light and getting to understand how to work with psychic energies, you may be open without knowing it. However, this is not exclusive to those just learning and applies to all those involved in spiritual work of any capacity.

Here are a few examples of situations that may open you unknowingly:

  • Talking to others about your spiritual experiences and/or teachings
  • If someone around you is not well and needs support, love, care, or healing
  • When you are needy around other people

When we are unprotected, we may pick up energies that stay for us for days and can be uncomfortable, and perhaps even scary for some.

This is where the role of your Door Master Guide comes in. When you are ready to work with Spirit, he or she is there to look after your psychic safety. Many may think that their guides will do this automatically. However, in fact you are also responsible for your own psychic well-being and therefore need to ask your Door master Guide, as well as setting the boundaries within he or she needs to work.

You need to ask for your guide for protection for yourself, and when working with others, also ask for protection for them. It is through the asking and setting the attention that you get the protection, therefore do not assume that you will be protected automatically.

You may well find that you will not communicate much with your Door Master Guide, in the sense of having a conversation. This is because his or her main purpose is to protect you, much like a guard on duty that will follow your ‘command.’

When you are ready to work with spiritual energies start by doing a check around and sensing the energy around you. Do you feel comfortable working in the environment you are currently in, Do you feel like it is a safe place to open up.

Then do a prayer of protection, or draw down a Bubble of Light. This will reinforce and help draw down Universal Light that will also aid toward offering a safe and protected space to work in.

Then when you are ready, say to your Door Master Guide:

 “I am ready to work, please open my psychic door now. Please give me protection while I work. I will only accept those of Love and Light and with good intent to come through my Psychic Door.”

When you are done working, it is important to remember to close down again. As you did when you opened your door, just say to your Master Door Guide:

 “I am now finished working. Please close my Psychic door now. Thank you for working with me and offering me protection.”

At this point it is also good practice to thank any other Spirit Helpers or Guides that came in to work with you.

As you become more experience and confident in working with spirit and discerning the energies around you, you may want to establish some ‘automatic keys’ to your Psychic Door. You can define these keys by telling your Master Door Guide about them, and by specifying that these keys are only to be used by your Spirit Guides at the times when they need to come through with a message or teaching for you, while your Psychic Door is closed.  This allows your Spirit Guides to come to warn you of something if necessary, to teach you and to help you. How many keys you put in place, and for which Spirits is up to you, as this is determined by your free will and choice. Let your Door Master Guide know what is acceptable to you and what is not for while your Psychic Door is closed.

This is important to do for all any psychic work you are endeavouring on, whether it be doing psychic readings, healings, or even meditating. Remember your Psychic Door Master is there as a friend and to work with you, therefore acknowledge him or her, and thank him/or her for looking after you and your Psychic Door.

In my next posts I will be posting step by step guides on an alternative method to the Bubble of Light to place protection around yourself. While the Bubble of Light, as per my previous post, was posted with providing psychic support and protection as you go about your daily life, the next post on protection will be focussed more specifically on when you are specifically choosing to do spiritual work, such a readings, healings and in meditation.

If you would like know more about how to work with your spirit guide, psychic protection and other spiritual practices, visit my website, or contact me.

(For further reading, please refer to the book Simplicity with your Emotional, Spiritual and Psychic Abilities by Michelle Madsen, which I used as reference material for this post and hereby would like to offer acknowledgement of her original work.)

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A Bubble of Light – Are you keeping yourself safe psychically?

I am not a big believer in focussing on the negatives in life; instead I try and live my life in a way that allows me to attract more positive experiences and people into my life.

Therefore, I also belief that when it comes to our psychic selves it is important to focus on how to raise our energy vibration to a higher and more positive level, rather than purely trying to protect ourselves from negativity that we may encounter. This is important not only when we are involved in spiritual and psychic work, but also during our daily lives – getting on a train, at home, in the office, or at the shops.

A Bubble of Light

Surrounding yourself in a bubble of light is one of the simplest ways to raise your vibration to start attracting more positive experiences.  It is also one of the first techniques I usually recommend to my clients to assist them to improve the quality of their lives, have things go smoother for them,  and just generally to boost their energy.

As Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (authors of Opening to Channel) put it, the bubble is not to protect us from anything. Instead it transmutes or change energy into a higher vibration. Thereby anyone inside the bubble of light would be assisted to also vibrate at a higher energy level. And as per the Law of Attraction, that which you put out is what you receive in return. Which means when you vibrate at a higher energy level you will attract experiences that also vibrate at a higher energy level.

When using the bubble of light you may find that:

  • You get through your work easier or faster,
  • People are friendlier
  • You feel happier within yourself
  • You feel more confident
  • You feel less stressed
  • You make better decisions
  • When encountering a challenge during the day you may deal with it more effectively
  • That you are able to look at life and experiences from a different and more positive perspective

How do I get into the Bubble?

The easiest way to get into your own Bubble of Light is:

  • Imagine yourself in a “bubble” of golden or white light that surrounds you.
  • On an in-breath, breathe into your bubble and intend that it is completely filled with white or golden light.
  • With the out breathe intend to release anything from inside the bubble which is not for your higher good.

If you are having trouble visualising a bubble of light, then you may want to think of the image of the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, for inspiration.

Place your bubble around you every morning when you get up. Initially you may want to give yourself a booster about halfway through the day, or reinforce you bubble if you know you are heading into a situation that you may normally find channelling or stressful (for instance having to deal with a difficult client at work). It is also a good idea to place the bubble around yourself when you got to sleep at night, and to set the intention that it will help you have a deep, relaxing sleep, so that you may wake up refreshed in the morning.

With time and practice this process will start becoming automatic or intuitive action each day.

This is just one aspect of starting to make a positive change to your life. So why wait? Start using the bubble of light today!

If you would like know more about making more positive changes in your life, visit my website, or contact me.

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