A Bubble of Light – Are you keeping yourself safe psychically?

I am not a big believer in focussing on the negatives in life; instead I try and live my life in a way that allows me to attract more positive experiences and people into my life.

Therefore, I also belief that when it comes to our psychic selves it is important to focus on how to raise our energy vibration to a higher and more positive level, rather than purely trying to protect ourselves from negativity that we may encounter. This is important not only when we are involved in spiritual and psychic work, but also during our daily lives – getting on a train, at home, in the office, or at the shops.

A Bubble of Light

Surrounding yourself in a bubble of light is one of the simplest ways to raise your vibration to start attracting more positive experiences.  It is also one of the first techniques I usually recommend to my clients to assist them to improve the quality of their lives, have things go smoother for them,  and just generally to boost their energy.

As Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer (authors of Opening to Channel) put it, the bubble is not to protect us from anything. Instead it transmutes or change energy into a higher vibration. Thereby anyone inside the bubble of light would be assisted to also vibrate at a higher energy level. And as per the Law of Attraction, that which you put out is what you receive in return. Which means when you vibrate at a higher energy level you will attract experiences that also vibrate at a higher energy level.

When using the bubble of light you may find that:

  • You get through your work easier or faster,
  • People are friendlier
  • You feel happier within yourself
  • You feel more confident
  • You feel less stressed
  • You make better decisions
  • When encountering a challenge during the day you may deal with it more effectively
  • That you are able to look at life and experiences from a different and more positive perspective

How do I get into the Bubble?

The easiest way to get into your own Bubble of Light is:

  • Imagine yourself in a “bubble” of golden or white light that surrounds you.
  • On an in-breath, breathe into your bubble and intend that it is completely filled with white or golden light.
  • With the out breathe intend to release anything from inside the bubble which is not for your higher good.

If you are having trouble visualising a bubble of light, then you may want to think of the image of the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz, for inspiration.

Place your bubble around you every morning when you get up. Initially you may want to give yourself a booster about halfway through the day, or reinforce you bubble if you know you are heading into a situation that you may normally find channelling or stressful (for instance having to deal with a difficult client at work). It is also a good idea to place the bubble around yourself when you got to sleep at night, and to set the intention that it will help you have a deep, relaxing sleep, so that you may wake up refreshed in the morning.

With time and practice this process will start becoming automatic or intuitive action each day.

This is just one aspect of starting to make a positive change to your life. So why wait? Start using the bubble of light today!

If you would like know more about making more positive changes in your life, visit my website, or contact me.


About vidamedium

As an experience clairvoyant medium I work directly with the spirit world to provide accurate insight and guidance to the questions you need answered about relationships and other matters in life. I also have experience with doing spiritual healing and reiki. I have over ten years experience in doing readings and spiritual healing work, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
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