Opening and Closing Before Spiritual Work: Learning to work with your Master Door Guide

This week I am again inspired to focus on a particular piece, due to a friend who is discovering her own spiritual path. We were talking about the importance of healthy boundaries within spiritual work, and that it is good practice to learn the foundations of opening and closing yourself, so that you are not walking around like a psychic sieve for days on end. This also allows you to establish a better ‘working-relationship’ with your spirit guides, as they will know when you are available to ‘work’ and also have guidelines to know what energies you are willing to work with.

The main guide that will assist you with allowing or not allowing energies in is your Door Master Guide. What you call this guide is not important, it is just a label, however it is the role that this guide plays that is important.

The purpose of your Door Master guide is to protect, or look after, your ‘psychic door’. This guide is there to open and close your psychic door.

When you open to Spirit you allow your inner light to shine. This will attract other souls and energies, much like a lit candle will attract a moth. It is like a sign to Spirit that you are willing to work with them. Especially when you are still in the initial phases of learning to work with your Spiritual light and getting to understand how to work with psychic energies, you may be open without knowing it. However, this is not exclusive to those just learning and applies to all those involved in spiritual work of any capacity.

Here are a few examples of situations that may open you unknowingly:

  • Talking to others about your spiritual experiences and/or teachings
  • If someone around you is not well and needs support, love, care, or healing
  • When you are needy around other people

When we are unprotected, we may pick up energies that stay for us for days and can be uncomfortable, and perhaps even scary for some.

This is where the role of your Door Master Guide comes in. When you are ready to work with Spirit, he or she is there to look after your psychic safety. Many may think that their guides will do this automatically. However, in fact you are also responsible for your own psychic well-being and therefore need to ask your Door master Guide, as well as setting the boundaries within he or she needs to work.

You need to ask for your guide for protection for yourself, and when working with others, also ask for protection for them. It is through the asking and setting the attention that you get the protection, therefore do not assume that you will be protected automatically.

You may well find that you will not communicate much with your Door Master Guide, in the sense of having a conversation. This is because his or her main purpose is to protect you, much like a guard on duty that will follow your ‘command.’

When you are ready to work with spiritual energies start by doing a check around and sensing the energy around you. Do you feel comfortable working in the environment you are currently in, Do you feel like it is a safe place to open up.

Then do a prayer of protection, or draw down a Bubble of Light. This will reinforce and help draw down Universal Light that will also aid toward offering a safe and protected space to work in.

Then when you are ready, say to your Door Master Guide:

 “I am ready to work, please open my psychic door now. Please give me protection while I work. I will only accept those of Love and Light and with good intent to come through my Psychic Door.”

When you are done working, it is important to remember to close down again. As you did when you opened your door, just say to your Master Door Guide:

 “I am now finished working. Please close my Psychic door now. Thank you for working with me and offering me protection.”

At this point it is also good practice to thank any other Spirit Helpers or Guides that came in to work with you.

As you become more experience and confident in working with spirit and discerning the energies around you, you may want to establish some ‘automatic keys’ to your Psychic Door. You can define these keys by telling your Master Door Guide about them, and by specifying that these keys are only to be used by your Spirit Guides at the times when they need to come through with a message or teaching for you, while your Psychic Door is closed.  This allows your Spirit Guides to come to warn you of something if necessary, to teach you and to help you. How many keys you put in place, and for which Spirits is up to you, as this is determined by your free will and choice. Let your Door Master Guide know what is acceptable to you and what is not for while your Psychic Door is closed.

This is important to do for all any psychic work you are endeavouring on, whether it be doing psychic readings, healings, or even meditating. Remember your Psychic Door Master is there as a friend and to work with you, therefore acknowledge him or her, and thank him/or her for looking after you and your Psychic Door.

In my next posts I will be posting step by step guides on an alternative method to the Bubble of Light to place protection around yourself. While the Bubble of Light, as per my previous post, was posted with providing psychic support and protection as you go about your daily life, the next post on protection will be focussed more specifically on when you are specifically choosing to do spiritual work, such a readings, healings and in meditation.

If you would like know more about how to work with your spirit guide, psychic protection and other spiritual practices, visit my website, or contact me.

(For further reading, please refer to the book Simplicity with your Emotional, Spiritual and Psychic Abilities by Michelle Madsen, which I used as reference material for this post and hereby would like to offer acknowledgement of her original work.)


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As an experience clairvoyant medium I work directly with the spirit world to provide accurate insight and guidance to the questions you need answered about relationships and other matters in life. I also have experience with doing spiritual healing and reiki. I have over ten years experience in doing readings and spiritual healing work, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
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