Cleansing Your Home: A Simple Blessing

It is easy to remove unwanted energy or spirit visitors from your home in most cases with a simple house blessing.

Conducting a cleansing and clearing regularly helps to keep your home and everyone in it in harmony. This is particularly good practice when you move into a new home to remove vibrations from previous occupants and to make your new home your own. Even if you have lived in a property for some time, a good  cleansing of the etheric energy of the place will work wonders. It also clears out any negative energies that may filter across form neighbours or that you may have unknowingly picked up during the day.

Similarly a second hand items can hold lingering vibrations, and by giving them a good smudge (cleansing and clearing) by burning sage or incense and passing them thought the smoke, you can remove previous energy

Tradition pagan customs involved bringing a light from a previous home to bless the hearth of your new home. In modern houses open fireplaces may be less common. However the same clearing and blessing can be performed with a candle or a tea light. If you are able to light it from a stove or fireplace, that is great, however, the blessing still works regardless.

Trust your intuition and do what feels right to you.

This technique uses the four element to bring balance and harmony in your home, therefore you will need:

  • Fire – a plain white candle
  • Air – a stick of pleasant incense or sage
  • Earth – some sea salt
  • Water – a dish of natural spring water

Step 1

Before you start it is important to ground and protect yourself. This is easily done by visualising or feeling yourself enveloped in a bubble of white and protective light, while holding the intention of being grounded and protected with Divine White Light.

(A simple technique for grounding, centering and psychic protection is also described on my blog:

Step 2

At your front door start to sprinkle the salt slowly as you walk through the house. As you do so visualise or hold the intention of the cleansing properties of the salt removing any and all unwanted energies from your home, while you say out loud something along the lines of:

“May the guardian spirits of the element earth now remove and clear all negative and unwanted energies from our home and replace them with love, prosperity, wisdom, kindness, and harmony for all who dwells and enters this place.

Leave the salt for a few hours (or overnight if possible), however, if you need to clean it up immediately then that is okay too, however you may just want to repeat the clearing more often.

There are no real rules as to what you should say during a blessing as long as it follows a similar pattern to the above. Its entirely up to you what to say and how long it should take.

Step 3

Start at the front door again walking slowly through the house swinging the incense burner or waving the incense sticks or sage as you go. Visualise the qualities of air sweeping through your home at the same say something along the lines of:

 “May the guardian spirits of the element of air bring clarity of mind, speed of thought and the understanding of the mysteries of the ancients to all who dwell within this place.”

Step 4

Light the candle and again start from the front door again and as you walk slowly through the house holding the candle in front of you, visualise the qualities of fire filling your home saying something along the lines of:

“May the guardian spirits of the element of fire bring courage, strength, energy and passion to all who dwell within this place.”

Step 5

Start at the front door again sprinkling the water as you slowly walk through the house, visualising the qualities of water entering your home. As you walk through each room say something along the lines of:

  “May the guardian spirits of the element of water bring love, peace and intuition to all who dwell Within this place.”

Once you have been through every room calling upon the spirits of each element, the energies within the house should feel more harmonious.

Step 6

Protecting your home: Once you have completed your house blessing, visualise a beam of bright white or violet light from Spirit/Divine Source forming a bubble around your home and property and/or running all around the walls, corners, windows, doorframes, loft, roof, everywhere – sealing all those wonderful energies into your home and to keep any negative energies out.

Step 7

If you want to, then send thoughts out to any friends or relatives in the spirit world that you would still like to know are around you, asking them to become regular visitors to your new home, and that they might keep a helpful and loving eye on you.  Set the intent for those in Spirit that you want to come through and those that are there to work with you for your Higher Purpose and/or to bring you necessary guidance and messages to still be able to come in.

There are many other cleansing rituals, and I often find simply smudging the house with sage is equally effective. However, conducting a decent cleansing of your home does make a positive difference and also makes it easier to maintain the energies you are comfortable with in your home while you become more comfortable and experienced in working with the energy.

If you have any questions, would like clarification, or need help with anything, please let me know.


(Sourced and Adapted from: Sourced From: Google)


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